Frequently Asked Questions

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What Years Do You Work With?
Currently, we work with school years 5 through to year 8
How Can I Get My School Involved?
All you need to do is get in contact with us as with your school name, area and the ages you are looking to engage and a member of staff will be able to assist and advise on next steps
I Think This Would Be Good For My Child/rens School. What Can I Do?
We would need to talk to the school before we can commit to sessions. It is advised that you talk to the school to inform them about the programme and they can contact us directly at Please note that are ability to work with schools is dependant on location and time availability. Unfortunately, we may have already filled our time slots or do not operate in the area. A member of staff will be able to advise if this is the case
What Cities Do You Work In?
Currently we operate schools programmes in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield and Nottingham
How Much Do Your Schools Programme Cost?
Our schools programmes are operated 100% free of charge. We do not ask for any fees from schools
Do Schools Need To Have Their Own Equipment?
If you have any equipment, that's great. If not, t's not a problem Any equipment required for the sessions, our coaches will be able to provide and bring with them to sessions


How Does My Son/Daughter Join?
When you have found a session, please register each child HERE. For safeguarding, we need to have each child registered if they are to attend one of our sessions. Once registered, you are free to attend. It is advised to use the contact information to confirm sessions. There may be times that sessions are cancelled due to weather, venue closure, holidays etc. So to avoid disappointment, we advise confirming before attending. Contact information can be found on each session flyer HERE
What Age Are The Sessions For?
Is There A Cost For The Sessions?
Not at all! All our community sessions are operated completely free of charge
What Does My Child/ren Need For The Session?
All they will need is comfortable clothing and sports trainers. They do not need to have any cricket equipment to attend. Coaches will provide anything needed for the session. If your child/ren does have a bat that they would prefer to use, they are more than welcome to bring it along to use. Just don't forget to take it with you at home time!
When Do The Sessions Take Place?
Community sessions run weekly on their respective days throughout the year. We would advise using the contact information on the flyers to confirm the session before attending. Due to factors such as weather, school holidays and public holidays, there may be occasions when sessions will need to be cancelled or moved to an alternate time. Contact details can be found HERE on the flyers


What How Does My Son/Daughter Join The Academy?
Can I Trial Even If I Do Not Meet The Eligibility Criteria?
Due to the nature behind why The Academy was formed and the issues faced by specific communities, it is important that we continue to keep these players at the forefront. This means, we are unfortunately unable to open trials to players who do not meet the eligibility requirements at this time
When Are The Open Days For The Academies?
Open days are dependant on the city it is held in. Full information on open days and scheduled trials can be found HERE
Is There A Cost To Join The Academy Programme?
There is no cost to join the Academies. We also do not ask for any fees for training or mentoring provided by the programme
Where Are Your Academies?
We currently have Academies running in South London, North London, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester
How Many Games Do You Have In The Season?
The amount of games we have per season varies each year. We organise as many games for both our junior and senior players so as to increase the amount of play time that players get
Do Players Have To Stop Playing For Their Club?
Absolutely not! The Academy is a training and support environment to assist players. Successful players are welcome and encouraged to continue with their club training and matches