ACE Academy

The ACE Academy has been design specifically to create an environment where players of African and/or Caribbean backgrounds can thrive within the game of cricket. With studies showing the rapid decline in player participation from these communities, it is important to create atmospheres where these players feel comfortable and confident so that they can reengage with the sport they love and enjoy the environment they are in.

All scholars that are admitted to the charity will receive bespoke training from highly qualified and skilled coaches weekly where they can train, develop and grow on their abilities and receive the support they need to reach their full potentials. Players and their families will be able to utilise the team for support and mentoring to navigate the world of cricket.

It is also where love of the game can be reignited in those that have lost their passion. There have been instances where players had fallen out of the game or was on their way out and The Academy has allowed them to find that passion again and return to the sport.

While players are a scholar of The Academy, they will also have the opportunity to take part in matches when the season starts. We have a full match schedule against a variety of teams in differing environments for players to put their skills into practise.

The Academy is currently admitting talented players between the ages of 10 years and 19 years of age who are of African and/or Caribbean heritage. Admittance into the Academy is done through a trial process. Trials are done over approximately 4 weeks (this may change on an individual basis) where trialists will take part in training sessions so coaches can assess individuals in a variety of areas to determine whether the Academy would be a suitable and beneficial environment.

We currently have Academies operating in London, Bristol and Birmingham.

If you would like to enquire about initiating the trial process for a player/s, please email with the subject line ACE Academy with the location you are interested, e.g. ACE Academy Birmingham.