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The African Caribbean Engagement Programme (ACE Programme) is proud to announce the launch of a pioneering project aimed at empowering female athletes of African and Caribbean heritage to excel in the world of cricket. Commencing mid-April 2024, this initiative seeks to identify, recruit and develop female athletic talent from African and Caribbean backgrounds, with the ultimate goal of producing professional cricketers who can bowl exceptionally fast (75mph +) with the potential to represent Team GB at the Olympics 2028.
The project, based in Birmingham, invites girls aged 15 to 21 to register and participate in talent identification sessions. These sessions will provide a platform for athletes to showcase their speed, power, and agility, traits essential for fast bowling in cricket. After the trial process, we will select 12 athletes to take part in our 3-year programme, completely free of charge. The programme will split into blocks and will be delivered during term time by our coaching team, led by Chelsea Alagoa, who herself is a product of talent transition, having come to cricket via athletics and bobsleigh. All kit will be provided by the ACE Programme and we will endeavour to ensure that all athletes find a new home in the game of cricket, whether that is at club, county, regional or international level. We will continually review progress at regular intervals and athletes have the option to opt out at any point during the process.
We are thrilled to launch this ground breaking project on International Women's Day. Our aim is to create opportunities for African and Caribbean female athletes to excel in cricket, a sport with immense potential for growth and success. This project is about more than just cricket; it's about empowerment, representation, and breaking barriers. We believe that by providing access and support, we can unlock the full potential of female athletes of African and Caribbean heritage and pave the way for future generations.
- Ebony Rainford-Brent
In addition to registration, ACE will collaborate with local secondary schools, sixth forms, colleges and universities to conduct talent identification sessions, welcoming interested schools to sign up by emailing While the project is targeting females from African Caribbean backgrounds, we welcome female applicants and triallists from all backgrounds who meet the fitness and athletic criteria.
Registration is currently closed to new players. If you are interested in these sessions, please email This can be done at any time, whether registration is open or not, and a member of staff assist you as soon as possible.
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