ACE Birmingham

With the success and rapid growth seen at the London ACE Programme, we expand out to Birmingham to reinvigorate the love of cricket amongst the Black community. With team members such as Eaton Gordon, Ronnie Barker and Recordo Gordon, there will be a wealth of knowledge being passed on to the youngsters of Birmingham.

By the time the programme launched in Birmingham, seven schools had already signed up to participate in the schools programme where all participating schools receiving free cricket sessions from the Birmingham team which is made up of amazingly talented and experienced coaches. All schools will receive weekly coaching sessions from the team to build on the students knowledge and ability within the sport. They will receive beginner introductions to cricket and practical sessions to build on the basics of the game.

Open to youngsters within the communities of Birmingham, free cricket sessions will be on offer to all youngsters of all abilities between the ages of 9 to 18years. Through these sessions, young players and peak their interest in cricket and develop their skills in fun and safe environments with friends. These sessions will hopefully inspire even more youngsters to love the game and create strong bonds amongst each other. Support will be given to each young player to perfect their skills and further their interest of the sport.